Supreme Court Dismissed The Appeal Of Railways Against Discrimination Between E-ticket Holders And Physical Ticket Holders | Railways Appeal Dismissed By High Court.

SC Junks Railways, Appeal, E-ticket Holders May Board Trains, Occupy Berths in Cases of ‘No Show'(without showing their tickets).

The Supreme Court has dismissed An appeal made by the Railways in disagreement with a judgment, which asked the ministry to consider the issue of doing discrimination between those having e-ticket tickets and those having tickets in physical form.

Clear Dismissal Of An Appeal By Railways | Railways Appeal In opposition to High Court’s Decision Is Dismissed

New Delhi: Wait-listed passengers having e-tickets can also board the train and occupy berths if having confirmed seats, without showing their e-ticket.

The Railways will further have to make up a plan to ensure that agents and touts do not block seats in bogus names, which can be given to wait-listed passengers after charging extra money.

The Supreme Court has dismissed An appeal filed by the Railways against a judgment, which asked the ministry to consider the issue of doing discrimination between those having tickets in physical form and those having e-tickets.

Passengers holding e-tickets are restricted to board the train, the passengers having waiting list tickets in the physical form can take the chance of boarding the train and can also occupy berths owing to the passengers who do not board the train and whose name exists in the confirmed booking list.

Appeal Against Delhi High Court’s Judgement By Railway Has Been Dismissed | Supreme Dismissed Railway’s Appeal

The appeal passed in opposition of Delhi High Court order by the Railway in July 2014 has been dismissed in a bench lead by Justice Madan B Lokur.

The dismissal of the order was passed because no lawyer on behalf of Railway appeared before the bench argument started the case. “The issue has been called out for two times. No one showed up on behalf of the petitioner. The recent court order stated that the special leave non-prosecution petition has been dismissed.

The dismissal of appeal would make a binding on the Railway according to Delhi High Court decision. It obligates the department to find new ways to eliminate the difference between physical form tickets and e-tickets.

The High Court, in its July 2014 judgement had addressed the Railways to make sure that e-tickets holders should not face any kind of disadvantage.

A petition was filed by advocate Vibhas Kumar Jha on which the High Court issued directives and had given six months to the Railway to complete the procedure required to eliminate differentiation done with e-ticket holders and physical ticket holders and also ensure that any of the booking agents should not block seats and those having tickets in physical form tickets should buy it from agents with extra payment charges.

“A suggestion that can also be added is, An option should be given to passengers for purchasing e-ticket, to ensure no automatic cancellation of their tickets at the time of final preparation of the booking chart before the train departs at its scheduled time and should also take a chance of visiting the railway station for availing of the berths/seats of the passengers holding reservation and somehow fail to board the train. By doing this, the waiting list can be followed and the practice should be stopped,” the High Court said.

The High Court had noted while issuing its order, In the Law, there was not any provision that gave an advantage to those holding a physical form of wait-listed ticket and said that if any such passenger is given an option to take a chance even after preparation of the final chart then no e-ticket holder should be differentiated.

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