Railways Focus On Quality Food In Trains And May Cut Down On The Quantity Of Food |  Providing Quality Food In Trains

NEW DELHI: Indian Railway is going to change its meals very soon. Due to a lot of frequent complaints from government auditor and from many railway passengers also for serving bad quality food, Indian Railways are now aiming to focus on quality food in trains over quantity. Initiating with superior trains Shatabdis and Rajdhanis, 150 grams of difference will be seen in the quantity of food which may say goodbye to some favourite meals.

IRCTC Aims At Providing Quality Food In Trains | Cutting Down Quantity Of Food

(IRCTC)The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, the Indian Railways catering arm, has made a proposal according to which it could take out some items like breadsticks, soup, sandwiches, butter off the plate. Instead of serving complete meals, passengers may get non-vegetarian and vegetarian rice combos.

Bringing Down Food Quantity Per Meal | Proving Quality Food In Trains

A catering experts panel has informed IRCTC that its meals are more than what should be served which holds 900 grams of food per meal opposite to 750 grams in a daily Indian diet. IRCTC is suffering frequent losses on its catering services on board as it receives Rs 112 per passenger meal, whereas the true cost of a full meal has been raised to more than Rs 150 per tray.

According to a senior rail ministry official, A large quantity of food is being provided at a low cost which makes it difficult to maintain quality food in trains. “These facts would ensure that the food quality is maintained,” the official said.

According to a Comptroller and Auditor General report in 2017, the food in trains on board did not meet the required standards.

To reduce the cost of the meal, IRCTC has proposed bringing down the quantity of dal from the 150 gm to 100 gm and to give 120 gm of boneless chicken gravy in replacement to chicken pieces besides the addition of dry vegetables.

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