Get Paytm Cash On Recycling Plastic At Railway Stations | Recycling Plastic Bottles At Railway Station Can Avail Paytm Cashback.

Now you can get Paytm cash on recycling plastic at railway stations. On World Environment Day, in the evening, Indian Railways took a unique initiative of promoting people for recycling plastic at railway stations and rewarding them with capital incentives in return.

Bottle crushers have been installed by Indian Railways at the Vadodara Railway Station and have started a new scheme of rewarding people with Paytm cash on recycling plastic at railway stations for giving a helping hand to the national transporter recycling plastic waste and bottles at railway stations. 

Indian Railways says that it is a part of their efforts to decrease plastic waste by giving Paytm cash on recycling plastic at railway stations. Under this scheme, passengers will be awarded Rs 5 cashback in their Paytm wallet for putting bottles into the bottle crushing machine.

How To get Paytm Cash On Recycling Plastic At Railway Stations | Bottle Crushing Machines At Railway Stations.

Passengers will have to register their mobile numbers to get Paytm cash on recycling plastic at Railway stations. After dropping a bottle in crushing machine and registering the phone number, an award amount will be added in their Paytm wallet.

In Addition to other initiatives for reducing pollution on the evening of World Environment Day, Indian Railways has also decided to use eco-friendly plates which are also disposable and are made of bagasse to serve meals in trains, instead of using plates made of polymer to overcome plastic pollution in trains.

(IRCTC)Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation launched this scheme on trial on eight selected Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains starting from New Delhi.

The move comes in the behind-look of the World Environment Day. The theme chosen for this year’s World Environment Day on June 6 was reducing waste made up of plastic. Installing Bottle crushing machines at railway stations is a major step towards the theme where passengers can get Paytm cash on recycling plastic at railway stations.

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